Thursday, November 6, 2014

Invite - Cover Unveiling - Faith by Davida Lynn (Nov 14)


You are invited to join us for the 
Cover Unveiling
Cover Unveil 

(The Virtues #2)
by Davida Lynn
November 14

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When faith meets a man who is the opposite of all her friends, she’s more than intrigued.  He’s dangerous, ripped, and doesn’t treat her like a princess.  He’s trouble, and that’s just what she’s looking for.  After a run in with her father, Faith and Eddie abandon the wintery Colorado for sunny California.  They don’t have money, but they have a Harley and a gun. Along the way, Faith is forced to grow up and embrace the dangerous life that will get them to their destination.  When she learns a terrible mistake, she must hide it from Eddie, even as he takes the fall for a bank robbery. Can their love withstand the storm?  Can it survive?  Can they survive?  Have faith...


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