Sunday, February 28, 2016

Invite ♥ Pre-Order Blitz/Cover Reveal ♥ Superstitious Feelings by LJ Winters (March 21/March 8)

You are invited to join us for the 
Pre-Order Blitz
Superstitious Feelings
Soul Scavengers #3

by LJ Winters

March 21

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Sullivan Wilde finds himself alone and wondering just what happened. 

Olivia Emerson finds herself on the other side of the country without the Ghost Man, facing down her greatest personal demon in the flesh. 

When Sullivan gets a video clip of the Soul Scavengers team's latest investigation, he's stunned. 

Tracking Olivia down, he rushes to make it to her side before the Devil Himself can swoop in and destroy everything Sullivan holds precious. 

What was supposed to be a thrilling paranormal investigation at an archaeological dig site inside the spooky Superstition Mountains, turns into the team's worst nightmare. This time, it isn't the dead that threaten Sullivan and Olivia. Lost gold, a doomsday cult, and an old enemy all plot against them as they fight to stay alive.

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