Sunday, November 12, 2017

Invite ♥ Blog Tour ♥ Cats & Dogs Part 2 by Jess Molly Brown (Nov 14-27)

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Cats & Dogs - Part 2

by Jess Molly Brown
Nov 14-27
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Nathan Brooks and Julia Hart have known each other forever. As kids, no one could keep up with them and no one could replace them in each other’s lives. They bickered, they bantered, they loved and they fell apart. Five years later, they’ve reunited and the relationship is serious. The kind of serious that involves weddings and babies.
Nathan is adamant that the wedding will come before the baby.
Fate may not be so accommodating.
Julia may be on the same page as her fiancé, but there are many roadblocks standing in the way of this devoted pair. Work, family, addiction, and even the weather present unforeseen challenges. And don’t even get started on the antics of the crazy animals Nathan accommodates in his veterinary clinic.
No matter what the circumstance, life at Brooks House is never dull. It comes with a hefty helping of barks, meows, cackles, squeals and moos. And a few strange photographs.

Can Brooks and Hart tie the knot before cutting their baby’s umbilical cord?

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